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Goldtech Workplace Security System
How does it work?

  • In the workplace alarm system that is activated, the signal is sent to the alarm panel by separating the magnetic contact components on the external door.

  • In order to stop the warning signal caused by the opening of the external door, the subscriber must enter the password he/she has determined on the keypad within 15 seconds (this time can be reduced or increased according to the subscriber's request).

  • After entering the password, the workplace alarm system is disabled (sirens are not activated during the 15-second warning signal).

  • Stimulating the magnetic contact and motion detectors that detect movement outside the delayed areas activates the alarms within a few seconds.

  • The activation signal of workplace alarms appears on the screen of the Alarm Monitoring Center representative.

  • The representative contacts the subscriber without wasting time.

  • In addition, depending on the type of alarm, the relevant unit such as police, fire brigade, ambulance is directed.

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