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Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

It is an Automation System Based on Fingerprint Recognition System that automatically calculates the overtime wages of the personnel in companies and offices, according to their entries and exits. Fingerprint Personnel Tracking System Becomes Ready for Use by Installing the Necessary Personnel Tracking Software and Devices and Subsequently Introducing the Personnel to this Tracking System.

PDKS Hardware is Installed at the Control Point Where Personnel Entry and Exit Will Be Made.

– The program is installed on the server computer determined by the company.

– Communication Between the Hardware and the PDKS Program is Provided.

– All personnel to be controlled and monitored by the Personnel Tracking System are introduced to the system according to their PDKS characteristics (Fingerprint, Iris, Face, etc.). If a card system is used, PDKS Cards are distributed to the personnel.

– Personnel Tracking System is Ready for Use. As soon as the Personnel Arriving at the Passage Point Identifies the System, All Necessary Information is Recorded. Information is transferred to PDKS Software Online or Offline.

Turnstile Systems

Turnstile Systems carry out operations such as making the passage in an orderly manner, keeping the passages under control, and obtaining reports in a professional manner. It is Possible to Track These in Computer Environment by Using Combined Systems with Turnstiles.

The Turnstile System works in an integrated manner by using password, card or fingerprint readers to allow and restrict personnel passage, allowing the personnel, customers and visitors in your company to be monitored in a safe and controlled manner.

The Turnstile System Can Also Be Used For Token-Operated Passages Or Toll Passes. For such transitions, companies can control their earnings more easily and accurately by eliminating the human factor in the fees they set per right of passage.

It sells and provides technical support for Three Arm Turnstiles, Tripod Turnstiles, VIP Turnstiles, Butterfly Turnstiles, Leaf Turnstiles, Single Turnstiles, Double Turnstiles.

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