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About Us

GOLDTECH Security Systems

Goldtech Security Systems operates on security systems with more than 10 years of experience.

Goldtech, which closely follows the developing technology in the world with its expert staff, acts with the aim of satisfying its individual and corporate customers with its product and project-based solutions.

Combining service quality with the sense of trust it receives from its customers, Goldtech Security System has adopted the principle of working in a result-oriented manner while shaping its projects.


Our Mission

Of course, it is difficult to always protect your values ​​in life from external threats. As a company, our mission is to protect your values ​​with the solution suggestions we will offer you and to make you feel that your values ​​are safe even when you turn your back. From fire alarm systems to caregiver camera systems, we have different solutions for various conditions when we want to control you.

Our motivation is to take precautions against all kinds of threats in every aspect of our lives on a social scale, in hospitals, schools and private institutions/organizations. We transfer our knowledge and experience in this field to our products. We aim to work day and night to expand the range of services we provide to our valued customers and to offer you easier and more useful products by taking advantage of technological developments.

Our Vision

To be a preferred brand value with its quality, innovative and solution suggestions that follow the latest technological developments, are easy to use and protect the values ​​you feel the need to protect, instead of you, our dear customers. To design and model systems that will respond to various needs created by changes in business and family life and to provide the most appropriate cost-benefit ratio for our valued customers, and to pioneer these systems in the market. In the light of all these targeted visions, it has been adopted as a principle to produce solution suggestions to gain a place in the added value of our country and to ensure security on a social scale and to present them to you, our valued customers.

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Fully Comprehensive Security with GOLDTECH!
Keep Your Home and Workplace Protected.

We carry all electronic security and control products. We serve our valued customers with our years of knowledge and experience. Our primary job in our company is to always strive to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. Our company, which operates in the field of security, camera and control systems, has undertaken many important projects with many years of experience.

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